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Re: boot-floppies 2.2.9 report

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > - When asked what access method to use (cdrom / http / ftp / manual
> >   edit) I chose cdrom, and was subsequently prompted for the name of the
> >   cdrom. The example was something like "Debian 2.1r4 cdrom 1", which is
> >   (a) a wrong example to give as most end users will copy that, and
> >   (b) not what the volume label is, which is reasonably easy to find out:
> >         LABEL=`dd if=/dev/cdrom bs=1 skip=32808 count=32 | tr`
> >       will do nicely.  I believe there's a specific tool for this
> >       somewhere, but can't recall its name just now.
> Um.  At what stage does this occur?  Looks like you should file a bug
> against base-config I guess.

Apt, actually. That's apt-cdrom doing that prompting. And it should only
prompt for rather damanged or badly-made cd images's, if I recall correctly.

> > - After the procedure scans the "index" files (I guess the Packages
> >   files), it came back to the question of what access method to use
> >   (cdrom / http / ftp / manual edit). By choosing "manual edit" and then
> >   quitting ae it went onto the next phase.
> This sounds like a nasty base-config problem.

Pauil, did you see a failure message? There are only supposed to be two
branches that code can take:

* apt-get update returns failure. Display a message with the failure
  message from apt, and return to start.
* apt-get update retyurns success. Make new source perminant, and ask
  the user if they want to add another entry. If so, return to start, if
  not, exit.

Nowhere should it be returning to the start menu without prompting you
about *something* so either you neglected to mention that, or I have a
very weird bug.

Where did this cd image come from anyway? I'd like to try to reproduce.

see shy jo

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