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Re: m68k boot-floppies

> > The scripts need what sort of changes? I guess the Atari bootargs file
> if we use 2.2.10, the video options have to be changed (video=virgefb ->
> video=virge). Or is this only for debian-cd? Simple change.

That's needed wherever you want to specify a non-default frame buffer. So
it's Amiga only :-) (But applies to boot-floppies regardless)

> > needs a change as well then (in fact I can think of one addition offhand:
> > stram_swap=<some number sufficient for framebuffer memory>. 
> Hmm... Andreas will give us numbers when his Atari is in Nuremberg?

Nah, I'll cook up some numbers. 512 k would be plenty (strictly 400k for
1028x768 at 4bpp on Falcon. Less than 200k for TT). I've so far used 1024
but that's overkill. And it takes another chunk out of the RAM so 6 MB are
probably going to be the minimum requirement.

Glad you made me go over these numbers again - on the 'low RAM' topic:
please do me a favor and kick the lowmem stuff for Atari out of the
makefile. The slink lowmem stuff never worked as people expected it to
work (wrong fdisk in lowmemrd.bin), wasn't documented properly and
confused people. It hasn't been worked on, can't be supported properly so
it has to go. 
> > The icons are outdated - too bad, what file format are these? 
> Amiga.info format... I guess you have to edit them under AOS. Not sure if

Answers _that_ question. Unless some AOS expert on debian-68k comes up
with new ones, the old ones have to stay (or get replaced with 'this icon
isn't quite there yet' versions). 
> > I bet the makefile won't unpack the m68k-support tarball for you. Unless
> > Nick fixed it, that is. 
> It should be unpacked into the directory where I copy it to (according to
> your log), ie m68k-specials? Sounds good, maybe the correct tftwhateverfile
> is used then, when I save it before unpacking.

No it should be unpacked while your working directory is boot-floppies/
(the m68k-specials path is in the tar file, see tar tvfz). After you
unpacked it and replaced tftplilo.conf, please pack it again as new
version. The install guides need updating as well, I'll go over the ASCII
versions and change the obvious things like version numbers and send the
updated files over. People have starting to work on new install guides but
the old ones can serve as stopgap until then. 


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