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Re: Status of Potato?

On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Brandon Mitchell wrote:

> > > Hopefully tonight I can try a generic install at home which rarely
> > >gives me problems.  If things are hurried, I have a spare harddrive
> > >for my laptop that I can give a try on, but a co-worker will want to
> > >use that in a few days. 
> > 
> > I know there are several problems with the compact flavor.  Either the
> > 'compact' option is not being set, or dbootstrap is not looking at
> > that option correctly.  Known bug in 2.2.5.
> Ok, I gave it a try with non-compact on a pretty generic P90.  Dhcp failed
> here too, I am unable to ping from either direction after a manual config,
> and netfetch of course fails.  The good news, keyboard config works
> properly.  The driver install was also successful.
> Network card: Realtek 8139

Looks like the kernel might not like my network card.  I get an error
about not being able to allocate memory for a ring buffer or something.
Highly doubt that's a boot floppy problem.

I saw an error about not being able to write to /root/dbootstrap_settings
or something like that, because /root didn't exist apparently.  This was
when configuring base, timezones I think.

> Side note, if there are instructions of converting base2_2.tgz to
> floppies, I test that part of the install.  Otherwise, I'm dead in the
> water for now.

I couldn't find the floppy_split utility you mentioned, and cvs didn't
seem to like me, so I just downloaded the images.  On reboot there is the
complaint about an unclean root partition as seen by others.

Some other errors:

insmod failed to create /var/log/ksymoops/19940131174636.ksyms because the
filesystem had yet to be remounted.  This caused problems during while 

Calculating module dependencies... depmod: error reading ELF header: No
such file or directory

The options I selected during install:  
md5: yes 
shadow: yes 
created user acct 

I tried setting up apt for my cd, but it would just hang on setting up a
2.0 cd I had.  I would cont-c out of this and it restarted the post-reboot
steps.  I'll look into this a bit more and try to submit a bug against

Bug: The configuration of /etc/module didn't show my changes, I had to
rerun modconf after the reboot.

/etc/init.d/network didn't have my settings, but the network config did
bomb out from the kernel error.

Third reboot to see if things clear up:
Still see the readonly filesystem error for insmod.

Bug: Keyboard is no long US layout.  Typing 12345 gets me &, e' (the
accent), ", ", ', and the paragraph symbol.  I believe this is why people 
can't login as root, my password contains numbers.  I managed to figure
out this keyboard a bit, but it's not easy.  If you need me to debug
things, let me know how, but try to minimize the typing :-(  Running
"/etc/init.d/keymaps.sh start" results in:
Loading /etc/kbd/default.kmap.gz
So I think it's working as designed.

That's all for now.  I might try compiling a kernel for this box to see if
that clears up network problems.


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