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Re: Test boot floppies (from CVS)

> Oh, as to your earlier question, about leaving the System.map off the
> rescue disk, that's where it typically gets installed from, but seeing as
> i386 may be going with a different kernel on the rescue disk anyway, we'll
> probably be installing the actual kernel from somewhere else too (I don't
> really know how it's set up there - ask Randolph Chung, who's working on it)

In addition to subarch's, boot floppies also support flavors. For i386,
right now we have two flavors (generic and compact). The compact kernel is
the one I've been working on. I just has less fluff compiled in.

Adam and I have been working on getting dbootstrap to handle these flavors
properly. We've had to make some changes to rescue.sh and dbootstrap. Please
check cvs for more info, for email the list.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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