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Keyboard Probs (was Re: Status of Potato?)

On Mon, 31 Jan 2000, Brandon Mitchell wrote:

> Bug: Keyboard is no long US layout.  Typing 12345 gets me &, e' (the
> accent), ", ", ', and the paragraph symbol.  I believe this is why people 
> can't login as root, my password contains numbers.  I managed to figure
> out this keyboard a bit, but it's not easy.  If you need me to debug
> things, let me know how, but try to minimize the typing :-(  Running
> "/etc/init.d/keymaps.sh start" results in:
> Loading /etc/kbd/default.kmap.gz
> So I think it's working as designed.

Karl, can you reproduce this on your machine.  "root" results in the same
thing, but keys like m is on ; and a and q are swapped.


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