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Re: Installation Problems

Craig H. Block wrote:
> Debconf is a nice touch.  It would look a lot better if it cleared the
> screen on exit.

Yes I plan to do that.

> I would like the option to bypass apt execution at the end of the
> install.  I normally do some system configuration before running it.

Well you have lots of options. You can switch to vc2 or above while the
base-config stuff is running and log in there (root's password is probably
empty on those tty's until base-config gets part way done).

Or you can tell it to run dselect, and just exit dselect immediatly. Or you
can tall it to run the task selector, and just don't select any tasks..

> I opted to remove the pcmcia package but it didn't happen.  I had to do
> it manually after the install.

Ok I'll try to remember to look into that when I'm back on the ground.

see shy jo, enroute to linuxworld

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