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Report on 2.2.4 bootdisks

Installing on a Compaq DeskPro 64MB RAM Pentium II ATI Rage 3D Pro intel

Install from rescue and root, with drivers and base on a DOS partition and
rest of packages obtained via HTTP.

Mostly simple text problems - the install went very smoothly until the

1) The copyright message on the F10 screen before booting says (c)

2) The splash screen has one word too many to fit on screen without
scrolling - suggest removing 'all' around the world.

3) For kernel/module install, need to have a file called
disks-14.4/rescue.bin. Unfortunately, my rescue.bin was in another
directory. Is the directory name essential?

4) The choose archive screen has a <..> on it - it's not obvious what this
is for.

5) The module installation screen said 'Exit. Finished with these modules.
return to previous m' - rest of last word missing.

6) The installing module message wraps wrongly.

7) The timezone config screen could do with a newline before the current
time, which wraps.

8) This first boot gave a message 'depmod: error reading ELF header'.
Subsequent boots after updating to the current set of packages were fine, so
this may disappear with 2.2.5.

9) libncurses5 wasn't installed, so LILO, FTP, modconf, libreadlineg,
modutils and some others were installed as 'broken'.

10) util-linux and tar complained about mime-support-compat and /etc/mailcap
missing - will raise separate bug reports.

11) Kept getting invalid termcap message after debconf had run - will raise

12) file system read only/ksymoops/unix.o problem reported on every boot -
will raise bug.

13) Task selection failed completely first time through - came up blank and
vanished after first keypress.

I haven't managed to get X up yet - more when that happens.

Ian Redfern (redferni@logica.com).

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