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Installation Problems

Hello debian-boot people;

I'm having a couple problems installing i386 using CVS bf.  I haven't
seen any mention of these for i386 so I wonder if I am the only one
experiencing them.  

I am unable to load the rescue image from CD.  It gets through the
selection process properly, but when installing the image it returns an
error "Unable to mount the Rescue Floppy"  I am able to load the image
from floppy (fd0) and this problem does not occur when installing
base2_2.tgz from CD.  Jumping over to tty2 and doing a "df" when this
error occurs shows that /dev/cdrom is in fact mounted on /instmnt. 

dbootstrap will not reboot the system.  It hangs for a while then
respawns.  Attempting to run "halt" or "reboot" from a shell does

If I execute a shell then exit, dbootstrap does not respawn.  If I exit
on tty2, it does not return to a "press enter to activate console"
prompt.  This causes both tty's to remain unusable.

The last problem free install for me was with media made from CVS bf
updated and built Juanuary 2.  The system I build bf with is a potato
"apt-get upgraded" daily.  

Craig H. Block, Debian user
Debian GNU/Linux potato
Linux 2.2.13 SMP i686

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