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Re: potato Release Notes updated

On Sat, Jan 22, 2000 at 02:05:41AM +0100, Fabrice Gautier wrote:
> > That's it for now, please comment, and CC: me on any replies because
> > I'm not subscribed.
> ** There's no more low memory support :
> Well, I think you can remove the 6.3 section since it seems that
> low-memory hardware will no longer be supported. At least there is not
> yet a special low-memory boot floppy.
> And anyway, the old "low-memory" stuff never worked fully on my 4Mb
> Laptop. (Bash was to big i think...) and i was told that there was a
> bug in the slink "low-memory" install process about swaps partitions. 
> I tried an install with the new 2.2.4 boot-floppies : it stopped after
> RAMDISK init... 

Uh, it seems you're referring to the Installation manual, not the Release

> ** Add links to special distros :
> I would surely like to install Debian on this tiny box, but as it
> does'nt seem reasonable, i think you should increase the memory
> requirements, and put links for special low-memory distros

This also seems like an issue for the installation manual.
The Release notes only say this about low-memory machines:

     Unfortunately, the kernel upgrade also means some problems for those
     users whose machines have very small amounts of RAM.

Although even that shouldn't bother any of the upgraders because
kernel-image-* packages don't get major upgrades... maybe I should remove
that sentence, too?

> (like small-linux <http://smalllinux.netpedia.net> which i installed on my
> laptop)

If one mini-distro is mentioned, others should be too, and I don't want to
be the one who'll search for names of all of them, there are too many :o)

enJoy -*/\*- don't even try to pronounce my first name

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