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bf-2.2.5 of today: modconf still `broken'

 To reproduce the bug, select `configure device driver modules', wait
 for it to appear, select one, such as `fd', then quickly press
 Alt-F3, and wait for a few seconds.  `modconf' will write to tty3.

 I looked, and found that the modification I made to modconf was not
 in the version in this set.  Ok, no problem; I used `ae' to edit it,
 just for testing, and changed:

- ttydev=/dev/tty
+ ttydev=`tty`
+ logger "modconf: ttydev $ttydev"

 The log shows that `ttydev' is indeed set to /dev/tty1, and
 then... blue screen of modconf covering tty3.  Blah!  What's wrong?

 I'll have to push this on the ToDo list (will someone with CVS writes
 please do that?) and get on with other things.

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