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potato Release Notes updated


I've taken over maintaining the Release Notes for this release, from Bob
Hilliard. No, it wasn't done as a secret hostile takeover :) Someone else
volunteered to help at that time, but I don't remember the name anymore.
Anyone is welcome to contribute, of course.

I've just made my first CVS commit of the document. All obviously slink-only
things have been removed, and all else basically updated for potato.

However, there are several things still needed that come to mind:

  * check if `General cautions' section is still valid, after the great
    X reorganization in slink,
  * make a complete list of renamed packages,
  * ditto for split packages,
  * check the whole text for any technical or linguistic errors.

Bear in mind that the primary form of distribution of this text will
be a single text file on a Debian CD, or on the Debian FTP site, under
`stable'. Because of that, the output of debiandoc2text needs to be
polished, and also, the language must be as clear and as correct as
possible (I'm not a native English speaker, that's why I'm warning you
there might be problems there).

That's it for now, please comment, and CC: me on any replies because
I'm not subscribed.

enJoy -*/\*- don't even try to pronounce my first name

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