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Bug #50788 (ash command line editing)

Working the command line under ash on the boot-floppies
is painful.  We requested that ash have command line 
editing for the boot-floppies.
and I have supplied a patch to provide exactly that (which
I sent in as a follow-up to the bug report).

Do we want this one fixed before the next boot-floppies release?
If Herbert Xu is not going to do this, do we want to do this
one ourselves?  It makes using ash a much less painful experience.

One alternative to the patch supplied in the bug report is
It is heavier (about 20k) but could be used as a wrapper for 
ash to provide the same functionality, and would not require
patching ash.  

The ash patch adds less that 1K, but adds one known cosmetic 
bug, in that constructs such as:

    cat somefile | while read line
	     if [ -f $line ]
			    then rm -R $line
		elif [ -d $line ]
			    then rm -R $line

will be echoed as if ash -x had been invoked, iff somefile
does not contain a #!/bin/sh header.  I can live with that
type of cosmetic bug, since nobody runs scripts like that.


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                   email:  andersee@debian.org
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