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Re: potato Release Notes updated

A big fat warning for perl users to make sure, if they have perl-5.004
and perl-5.005 installed, and perl modules that require 5.005, that
/usr/bin/perl is actually perl 5.005.  Debian perl stuff seems to
allow otherwise (via alternatives) which is unfortunate.

There should be a way to look at all the 'obsolete' pkgs and offer to
remove them.  Without this step, upgrading is naturally incomplete.
Sometimes pkg disappear from Debian but nothing *conflicts* with them,
so people end up with cruft from prior distros installed.

Obviously, there are more X servers available now, which I think means
that some poeple who were running unoptimized X servers before can run
more optimized ones now.  I don't know if xviddetect is helpful here
-- sometimes, perhaps.

Aside from the other things mentioned, probably the task-*
metapackages might be mentioned.  People can use tasksel even after an
upgrade to browse standard tasks and use that to check out what new
stuff is available they might be interested in.

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