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Re: manual selection of devices

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Glenn McGrath <Glenn.McGrath@jcu.edu.au> writes:
> > 3) If manual selection option is always there then it will break NFS as
> > NFS option only occurs when there are no options. If manual selection
> > isnt always present as an installation target, then how should it
> > behave?
> Actually, NFS appears if and only if the network has been configured.
> The reminds me that I feel that we will need to move network selection
> higher up in the list -- here is where we might have some options,
> like "configure network manually", "configure with dhcp", "configure
> with bootp", or "don't configure the network yet".

We could safely move it near top of the list, maybe just after the keyboard
selection step.  It is already there for diskless install, btw.
Network configuration is kept in the ramdisk (under /tmp/notarget) until a root
partition is mounted.  It is then copied on.  Therefore it is safe to configure
the network at anytime.


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