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Re: manual selection of devices

Glenn McGrath <Glenn.McGrath@jcu.edu.au> writes:

> 1) to manually select a device i think the best approach is to add a
> manual option to the list of valid partitions (in select_not_mounted.c)
> when this is selected a box allows you to browse the deivce subdirectory
> and select the device you want (like tzconfig) then generate a partition
> struct for it and parse it back to select not mounted, from then on it
> can automatically be used by the rest of dbootstrap.

Yup -- as a quick hack, you can just allow the user to type in the device.

> 2) timezone configuration (tzconfig.c) is basically a filesystem browser
> that passes the selected file to another function. If we pull theis
> function appart (and move it to utils.c ?) we can make it a general
> purpose filesystem browser/selector that could be used by other sections
> of dbootstrap. 

Yeah, that would be nice.  I was thinking the same thing for the
"install kernel and modules" and "install base" manual list selection
options.  It would be really nice if the user could browse the dirs
there rather than typing them in manually.

> 3) If manual selection option is always there then it will break NFS as
> NFS option only occurs when there are no options. If manual selection
> isnt always present as an installation target, then how should it
> behave?

Actually, NFS appears if and only if the network has been configured.

The reminds me that I feel that we will need to move network selection
higher up in the list -- here is where we might have some options,
like "configure network manually", "configure with dhcp", "configure
with bootp", or "don't configure the network yet".

> 4) Being able to manually select the partition should enable installing
> to loop and raid(with some manual work from console) and other
> non-standard block devices.

That would be great...

Are you implementing the stuff where you are sniffing around in
/proc/ide and /proc/scsi for devices?  I'm a little skeptical we could
get this in time but it would be really nice.

> This should be pretty easy, but i have  discovered how bad my c skills
> are, i got it to the stage where you browse the filesysytem, you can
> select a file, but it segfaults when i try and change dir.
> Anyway its getting pretty messy, when i get back ill try pulling
> tzconfig appart first and making that re-usable.

Sounds like a plan!

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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