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Re: manual selection of devices

Hi Glenn,

On Wed, Dec 08, 1999 at 07:56:18AM +0000, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> I tried getting md devices detected this way, one thing is md devices
> are numbered /dev/md0, /dev/md1 upto /dev/md15, i used "/dev/md{'0'-'9'}
> or however the old code went, and that was fine, but it then effectively
> detected partitions as drives, which causes a few problems when tryign
> to associate a filesystem to it. Because a md type partition could hold
> any type of filesystem.

Ah, yes - tricky.  I think it could be done reasonably tidily by having
fdisk_reread() creating a phoney fdisk_disk struct for the complete
set of md devices and hanging the actual md{0-15} devices off of it
as partitions.  Perhaps you already tried that too ... :-)

However, I'll give up trying to detect md devices for now, or I'll take
much too long to get any code out.

> Changing my approach to manual selection of device was influenced by the
> fact that it was a requested feature and it could fix a number of
> situations.

It sure beats jumping to another virtual console and recreating /dev/hd*
with the device major/minor numbers of the devices you really want to use!



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