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Re: lilo splash screen patch

On Mon Dec 06, 1999 at 05:25:18PM -0500, Robin Burgener wrote:
> I probably won't get around to this before christmas.  My code DOES
> overload the message; it was either that or modify lilo.  I use a stock
> lilo with my own cboot.b (replaces boot.b).  The message is "compiled"
> from an uncompressed BMP file (very easy to read) with less then 100
> colours.  The compiler combines the BMP image with a chunk of code.  The
> boot loader only provides 4608 bytes of space for code and data; the
> message gives an additional 64K.  
> If you can suggest a better way to do this, I am listening.

No complaints from me. I've never tried to do such a thing, so I'll
take your word on it being the best way (and the fact that it has been
independently done the same way by Caldera seems a strong confirmation).
Of course with the COL 2.3 version, their src.rpm includes their message
file pre-compiled (with no source in the src.rpm), so it doesn't look to
be very easy to switch images.

Anyway, what won't you be able to do before Christmas? Package it? I'd
be happy to take your source and look it over. I might even pack it up
(call it perhaps lilo-corel) if there is a good way to switch out the
image embedded in the message file.

Fixing up grub instead of lilo might be a better long term solution,
since it already uses a 2 stage bootloader, so adding new features (like
the graphics display code) might be less painful.


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