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Re: lilo splash screen patch

I had a look at the page you are referring to; that is not the Corel
Lilo patch.  When I get a chance, I will be packaging my patches.

I'm not exectly sure what the page you found will do, it appears that it
will display a 320x200 image and then do the standard Lilo stuff.  The
Corel Linux patch to Lilo provides a selection menu and uses cursor keys
to select the boot image.

There are several good reasons for 320x200x256...
 - the boot-loader runs in real mode, 320*200 = 64000 ( <64K )
 - byte per pixel makes drawing easier, speed is not a concern, my mini
graphics driver is about 1500 bytes of code (draw char, draw box, tint
area, decompress screen, save/restore screen, set palette...)

Given a choice between 320x200x256 and 640x480x16, what would you

P.S.  My 16 colour mini graphics driver is twice the size and does not
include tint area

Glenn McGrath wrote:
> I just the lilo splash screen patch in action as used by the corel boot
> system.
> The splash screen adds a nice touch i think, it displays a 320x200x256
> tiff image until a key is pressed. This may be apreciated by those types
> of people who dont understand the beatiful techo info that the kernel
> spits out.
> It would mean we would have to use lilo instead of syslinux. Im not sure
> what implications this patch would have on other systems.
> The patch is at http://www.klografx.de/misc/lilo/raw.html its hard to
> make out the comments its in german i guess.
> Not usre abotu compatability either, but 320x200 isnt much resolution so
> youd think any display card would work, i guess serial boot is a problem
> (vut i dont know much about this)
> I thought it was worth a mention if it hasnt been discussed before.
> Glenn McGrath
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