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lilo splash screen patch

I just the lilo splash screen patch in action as used by the corel boot

The splash screen adds a nice touch i think, it displays a 320x200x256
tiff image until a key is pressed. This may be apreciated by those types
of people who dont understand the beatiful techo info that the kernel
spits out.

It would mean we would have to use lilo instead of syslinux. Im not sure
what implications this patch would have on other systems.

The patch is at http://www.klografx.de/misc/lilo/raw.html its hard to
make out the comments its in german i guess.

Not usre abotu compatability either, but 320x200 isnt much resolution so
youd think any display card would work, i guess serial boot is a problem
(vut i dont know much about this)

I thought it was worth a mention if it hasnt been discussed before.

Glenn McGrath

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