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Re: Impending freeze and boot-floppies

On Tue Nov 09, 1999 at 05:45:04PM +0000, Craig H. Block wrote:
> Erik Andersen wrote:
> > 
> > I have to admit that I have never compiled dbootstrap. The boot floppies
> > seem to require an almost complete local mirror of debian (I spent an
> > hour or two trying to hand pick packages from the archive, and then gave
> > up)... I guess I'll start mirroring now so hopefully when I get back
> > from a date with my wife tonight I'll have enough of a mirror to make
> > things go. Lets see, at about 32 kB/s over my DSL line...
> > 
> I'm using the attached script to mirror selected packages for building
> boot-floppies.  I hope this helps.

cool, thx.


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