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Impending freeze and boot-floppies

So how does the freeze affect us?  Are we a special case?  I'm concerned
since I'm spending all my boot-floppies time fixing issues related to the
new busybox and leaving the two new feature items (task installer and
ftp/http install) alone for the moment.  I find it difficult to work on
new features when that damn thing won't even run like it did when we
released 2.2.1.

I'll reiterate here that I can't believe the release manager is going to
freeze with boot-floppies in this state.  I swear I saw Adam say at one
time that we wouldn't be ready for 2 months, but in another post he says
"feature complete" in 2 weeks.

Here's our current working staff:

Adam - documentation
Martin S. - test cases, bug fixes.
Matt P. - dbootstrap bug fixes (half-started task installer, early ftp/http
                                install support)
Erik A. - busybox

Now who's adding the new features so things are ready in the projected
timeframe?  Nobody.  I think Adam (as our temporary/interim leader) needs
to express this to the release manager to put off the freeze.  Dec 1st
would be much better, giving us time to fix dbootstrap into running order,
add the features that have been agreed upon (task gui, ftp/http inst, and
dhcp support), and only spend freeze time fixing bugs. 

Suggestions? Comments? Flames?

Matt Porter
This is Linux Country. On a quiet night, you can hear Windows reboot.

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