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Re: Impending freeze and boot-floppies

Matt Porter <mmporter@home.com> writes:

> So how does the freeze affect us?  Are we a special case?

Yes, we are special in that we can make "upstream versions" at any
point in the freeze, or even after release.

> I'm concerned since I'm spending all my boot-floppies time fixing
> issues related to the new busybox and leaving the two new feature
> items (task installer and ftp/http install) alone for the moment.  I
> find it difficult to work on new features when that damn thing won't
> even run like it did when we released 2.2.1.

In retrospect, we screwed ourselves with these busybox updates.  I
didn't realize how much interdependancies we had between busybox and
dbootstrap.  So this is directly my fault.  I'm sorry.  (BTW, I was
working on the assumption that the release manager would consult our
opinion on freeze, but...).

Matt, please advise -- should we back out busybox changes or forge
ahead?  I don't know how much further off we are from having a working
core system with busybox 0.33.

> I'll reiterate here that I can't believe the release manager is going to
> freeze with boot-floppies in this state.  I swear I saw Adam say at one
> time that we wouldn't be ready for 2 months, but in another post he says
> "feature complete" in 2 weeks.

If I were king, I would put the freeze date at Jan 1.  I believe it
will take until Jan 1 to have a "production quality" boot-floppies.

> Now who's adding the new features so things are ready in the projected
> timeframe?  Nobody.  I think Adam (as our temporary/interim leader) needs
> to express this to the release manager to put off the freeze.  Dec 1st
> would be much better, giving us time to fix dbootstrap into running order,
> add the features that have been agreed upon (task gui, ftp/http inst, and
> dhcp support), and only spend freeze time fixing bugs. 

I agree.  I musta been crack-smoking if I ever said any date prior to
Dec 1.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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