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Re: Debian Boot Floppies CVS: boot-floppies porter

On Tue Nov 09, 1999 at 09:13:30AM -0800, Matt Porter wrote:
> CVSROOT:	/cvs/debian-boot
> Module name:	boot-floppies
> Changes by:	porter	1999-11-09 09:13:29
> Modified files:
> 	utilities/busybox: utility.c 
> Log message:
> * Quick hack to quiet a noisy tar (calls createPath).

I'll fix up createPath properly, but for now that will do.

BTW, what was the 

 volatile void usage(const char *usage)
     fprintf(stderr, "BusyBox v%s (%s) multi-call binary -- GPL2\n\n", BB_VER, BB_BT);
-    fprintf(stderr, "Usage: %s\n", usage);

change for?  That makes it so none of the apps will print 
their usage info anymore.  Was that change on purpose?


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