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Re: status (Re: New fixes and new bugs found.)

In message <19991108112640.I14625@kitenet.net> you wrote:
>Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>> In message <19991107173034.Z27222@kitenet.net> you wrote:
>> >I'm still interested in getting my boot floppies into base. I'll talk with
>> >the perl maintainer and see what we can cook up.
>> I think what you mean is that your interested in getting debconf into
>> base, right?  
>Well I meant the apt configurator really, which implies dedbconf. Slip of
>the mind..

If we can get debconf into base (oh, and perl rather than perl-base should
be out of base too), then I am 100% behind using it everywhere we can!
Then all we gotta do is get one of those post-install root tasks to
be to run the apt configurator (would the configurator source most likely
be added to boot-floppies, or as a separate pkg?  If in boot-floppies,
could you import it and maintain it in boot-floppies CVS?)

I almost wonder if anXious (from the xviddetect pkg), which is used for
X11 configuration, should be back-ported also.

I assume that debconf, however, would *not* be an appropriate way to
implement, say, the tasks/profiles selection mechanism?  I'm not sure
what capacities it has...

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