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Re: status (Re: New fixes and new bugs found.)

> So our priorities are to try to complete the following by the last
> week of November, or Dec 1:
>   * fix problems regarding busybox, or back out busybox
>     [Matt Porter]
>   * apt-get configurator [we have a debconf one, but I'm still not
>     sure that is suitable, since debconf isn't base-ready]

Can we arrange things so that the configurator is split into an independent
user interface and a command-line driven configuration program, so that it
is possible to configure apt by just reading parameters from some configfile
without using the user interface if possible?

Another suggestion is that we generate automatically the apt configuration
from a predefined sources.list describing a cdrom by replacing the "cdrom"
prefix with a prefix corresponding to the location used to download the base
system. This should work well, at least for the official distribution which
contains both the basefiles and the packages. The only exception would be
the non-US stuff which could be not available from an US site, but in this
case the apt could point to some non-US server.

And when installing from the official cdroms things should be much easier
because we can store in the boot cd also the cdrom.list and apt list files
of all the cdroms and just copy them into the apt cache. I have done this
with a single-cd distribution but it should be feasible also for multi-cd.

Of course this must be arranged with the debian-cd people who is making the
official debian cd's.

>   * new profiles selector UI [wasn't someone working on this?]

The same as above. Can we set the profile by simply reading a value from a
configuration file and not bother the user if a selection has already been

> Things that would be nice, and I *really* want potato to include:
>   * http via base [Marcel was working on this, right?]

I'm not sure to understand this but if you mean downloading base and rescue
from an http server I have a slink bootdisk which can install completely and
transparently from cdrom, harddisk, nfs, http and ftp. It can't be directly
used with dinstall but you can see how it can be done and borrow some ideas.
It uses a modified version of snarf for ftp and http downloads. It works.
The interesting stuff is in:


>   * dhcp/bootp support [Anyone?]
>   * x configurator [we just need a post-install task to run xviddetect
>     and select the right pkg based on that, possibly prompting to run
>     the XF86Setup or whatever package for X configuration]

Same as above. Can we skip the user interface if the autodetection succeds,
or if the user has stored in a configfile the card and monitor models, or if
he doesn't want or know how to answer and is just happy with a plain SVGA
I usually configure as SVGA many machines for which I don't have the specs
and reconfigure them later when people give me the missing information.
This is not optimal but it works in 99% of the cases and can be a starting
point for the beginner.

Massimo Dal Zotto

|  Massimo Dal Zotto               email: dz@cs.unitn.it               |
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