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status (Re: New fixes and new bugs found.)

So, is 2.2.2 still hosed?

I'm in the middle of a conversation on IRC with the release manager
right now.  Obviously, our first priority is fixing 2.2.2 so it works
again (see my last email -- we can back out to old busybox if
necessary).  I think his plan is that we go into bug-fixing freeze
this weekend, which is mostly all about fixing RC bugs.  His
expectation as I understand it is that we are ready for a "test cycle"
(with a new working boot-floppies and CD system) by the last week of
November or Dec 1 at latest.

He is really hoping for a release prior to xmas, which I find rather
optimistic, but possible.

So our priorities are to try to complete the following by the last
week of November, or Dec 1:

  * fix problems regarding busybox, or back out busybox
    [Matt Porter]

  * apt-get configurator [we have a debconf one, but I'm still not
    sure that is suitable, since debconf isn't base-ready]

  * new profiles selector UI [wasn't someone working on this?]

Things that would be nice, and I *really* want potato to include:

  * http via base [Marcel was working on this, right?]

  * dhcp/bootp support [Anyone?]

  * x configurator [we just need a post-install task to run xviddetect
    and select the right pkg based on that, possibly prompting to run
    the XF86Setup or whatever package for X configuration]

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