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Re: status (Re: New fixes and new bugs found.)

> >   * x configurator [we just need a post-install task to run xviddetect
> >     and select the right pkg based on that, possibly prompting to run
> >     the XF86Setup or whatever package for X configuration]
>  What about mice and keyboard? Is xconfigurator fixed for this?

The keyboard language should be known immediately after the begin of the
installation or even specified on the boot command line. The same is true
for the mouse model amd port. You can boot from bootfloppy or cdrom with:

  boot: linux KEYBOARD=it MOUSE=psaux

and then grab the values in the /etc/rc script. It is a two-lines hack:

  cat /proc/cmdline | tr ' ' '\012' | grep "^[a-zA-Z0-9_]*=" > /etc/boot.env
  . /etc/boot.env

For the X keyboard configuration in most of the cases it is sufficient to
configure a Win95 keyboard with the language specified at boot time. If this
is not correct the user can always run kbdconfig later.

Note also that the X server doesn't really need to know about the mouse type
and port. In most situations it is preferable to start gpm with the option -R
and just configure xfree for a MouseSystem mouse on /dev/gpmdata. This has
the advantage that if one changes the mouse he needs only to reconfigure gpm
and X will follow the changes. The only drawbacks is that on a slow cpu the
mouse could be a little sluggish. On the other hand it works better on those
laptops which mess with the psaux port and make X crash sometimes.

Massimo Dal Zotto

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