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Re: Bug#49223: boot-floppy instructions: Special HD Partitioning for Win2000

> Wichert Akkerman <wichert@liacs.nl> writes:
> > Previously Geoffrey L. Brimhall wrote:
> > > Here's the strict partitioning: A hard disk can have only 1 Primary
> > > partition, and the rest of the hard drive must be allocted under an extended
> > > partition. Within these extended partitions, you can have as many logical
> > > paritions as you like.
> > 
> > This does not appear to be true. Of friend of mine is using a system
> > with more then 1 primary partition without any problems. He is also not
> > convinced about your other problems...
> I also use multiple primary partitions, no problem.  The DOS disklabel
> allows a total of four partitions -- making a partition "Extended",
> obviously, allows you to increase that number.  But assuming you only
> wanted, say, three or four partitions on a disk, using primary for all
> of them is fine.

This works also for me. I have always used three or four primary partitions
with linux and dos/windows and never had problems.

I wonder however if it is possible to use sun disklabels on the i386 pc. This
should work with lilo because it uses absolute sectors and it shouldn't need
to access the partition table. Am I correct? Has anyone tried this. I tried
once but I didn't find any tool to create and edit sun disklabels, which if
I remeber correctly shoud be able to contain 8 or more partitions.

Massimo Dal Zotto

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