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Re: autodectection of modules at boot time

> >  Can someone describe me the way how it should work if i buy a new
> >  computer with net connection and just say 'boot net' ?
> BTW, this already works fine in slink.  I installed my Sparc that way
> -- the support for it is included in OpenBoot.  The install manual
> describes how to setup servers.
> The problem is that boot net just gets me a kernel and rootfs -- I
> need a way to interact with the bootp or dhcp server to get my network
> configuration also.  So I guess it mean hacking dbootstrap...

 Yeah, OpenFirmware, PPCBug or your OpenBoot is really nice. My problem
 was the MAC/NIC address. Bootp cannot work so, but a dhcp (for the ip-addr.)
 and a following tftp will do it (for the image and the root dir). 

We have the better bios :-)



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