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Re: autodectection of modules at boot time

> > We need the addr. of the bootp-server. And what, if the server is != sparc?
> > And if the bootp-server is an rs/6000 with axi you have some trouble then ...
> you don't need the address of bootp server. see rc.bootp.gz in bootpc examples
> for how to setup network. It has some bugs, but I could try to find my fixed
> version. Don't use it anymore 'cause it does't work 2.2 kernels.
> You must use dhcpc _and_  compile packet filetr into the kernel to be able to
> directly send packets to the network.
> I see the only option in using dhcp. If I'm not mistaken, it is compatible
> with bootp so any bootp server should be able to respond to a dhcp request.

I've a little understanding problem. 

 Can someone describe me the way how it should work if i buy a new computer with
 net connection and just say  'boot net'  ?

Every example for bootp and dhcp needs the mac addr. of this new computer, if the
server delivers the kernel-image (home dir for bootfiles) and a root-dir (the
tftp dir). Is this 'hardware address' optional or a must? 



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