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Re: Essential bloat

David Benson wrote:
> > By the way, booting with the rescue and drivers and downloading the
> > rest via modem should be made an option for the installation.
> Yes, an option to "download the base via ftp" would be very
> nice as well.
> If there are no other computers
> nearby, I am usually forced to first boot with
> LOAF (or some other single-floppy linux, I haven't explored
> this much), partition, configure modules/network there,
> ftp base2_1.tgz).  Then the normal debian install.
> Not very convenient:  is this the best way?
> Would ftp fit on the boot floppies?
> Then I could just do it from the shell.

(I make this point publically, because I'm always suprised at how many
people don't seem to know it)

It has always been possible (well, always meaning slink and, IIRC, hamm)
to have the base_XXX.tgz available by NFS.  Which is how I've done every
installation I've ever done.


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