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Re: Essential bloat

(Massive Cc: list trimmed)

On Thu, Oct 14, 1999 at 05:49:52PM +0100, Jules Bean wrote:
> David Benson wrote:
> > Yes, an option to "download the base via ftp" would be very
> > nice as well.
> It has always been possible (well, always meaning slink and, IIRC, hamm)
> to have the base_XXX.tgz available by NFS.  Which is how I've done every
> installation I've ever done.

Yes, but that's only a solution if you can NFS mount a volume with the base
system on it.  Even if there are public NFS mirrors of the Debian archive
out there on the Net somewhere, there shouldn't be :)

I think he's talking about being able to take a net-connected machine, say
"install via FTP" or "install via HTTP" and have it pull the base system
down from a public mirror site.

Much like a certain Other Distribution named for a colourful piece of
headgear lets you do (with a single boot floppy, no less)

You can stream an FTP/HTTP download into gzip+tar, all you need is an
appropriately tiny client that will do this.

You do{} stuff.  Then it's $done.  Then you die().

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