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Re: Essential bloat

I'm sorry to drag this on publicly, but I don't know of any
public nfs servers.  Unless there is one, it is pretty inconvenient
unless you happen to have a working computer nearby, or the foresight
to have your own public nfs server (with all the security
implications of that...)

I _usually_, but certainly not always, have another computer around.
There is certainly no mention of a public nfs-server on the faq.

And ftp is only 30k compressed...

- Dave

> > If there are no other computers
> > nearby, I am usually forced to first boot with
> > LOAF (or some other single-floppy linux, I haven't explored
> > this much), partition, configure modules/network there,
> > ftp base2_1.tgz).  Then the normal debian install.
> > Not very convenient:  is this the best way?
> > Would ftp fit on the boot floppies?
> > Then I could just do it from the shell.
> > 
> (I make this point publically, because I'm always suprised at how many
> people don't seem to know it)
> It has always been possible (well, always meaning slink and, IIRC, hamm)
> to have the base_XXX.tgz available by NFS.  Which is how I've done every
> installation I've ever done.
> Jules

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