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Re: making slink have pcmcia 3.0.12 for internal use

On Wed, Jun 30, 1999 at 03:13:22PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> I recently had the same problem.  It's pretty much non-trivial to get
> the newer PCMCIA working on the boot-floppies (does it even work with
> 2.0.x kernels).  What I ended up doing is installing the base system
> via floppy, then install potato pcmcia packages, 2.2 kernel, and
> potato libc6.  Major PITA.
> Do you think it's worth it either (a) trying to solve this for slink,
> or (b) trying to get actual semi-functioning potato boot-floppies
> together.  I lean towards the latter...
FWIIW, I still use an old (from hamm days? don't laugh!) floppy image,
libc5 based, exchanged a few binaries:
  ifconfig, mount, lilo, can't remember what else,libc5 compiled of course
put a custom 2.2 kernel on it 
  ide cd+disk,
  scsi adaptec+ncr53c8xx,
  network 3c509+3c59x+lance+wd+smc-ultra+ne+rtl8139+tulip
which covers pretty much all hardware we do have here, and still have
45k left on the floppy, amounting to ~90k on the rootdisk, assuming a 2:1
compression ratio. isapnp is already included, the libc is a full one, not a
stripped down one. pcmcia cardmgr should definitely fit on it.

2.2 kernel and libc5 cooperate well. This floppy could be used for a
floppyless VARIO


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