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Re: making slink have pcmcia 3.0.12 for internal use

On 30-Jun-99 Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> "Sean 'Shaleh' Perry" <shaleh@varesearch.com> writes:
>> well here at va there are lots of sony VAIO's.  So I am doing 7 floppy
>> installs
>> left and right.  The problem is that everyone has newer nic cards that slink
>> does not work with.  So I need to make a new set of floppies w/ pcmcia
>> 3.0.12.
>> Please someone point me to directions on how to do this.
> Shaleh, you'll have to try to pull the sources from CVS and build with
> that, but that's a real crap shoot.

So I hear.  Was going to try.

> I recently had the same problem.  It's pretty much non-trivial to get
> the newer PCMCIA working on the boot-floppies (does it even work with
> 2.0.x kernels).  What I ended up doing is installing the base system
> via floppy, then install potato pcmcia packages, 2.2 kernel, and
> potato libc6.  Major PITA.

What I did is make a set of slink floppies plus another disk w/ pcmcia modules
and cs compiled for 2.0.36.  yes they work just fine.  The problem is the other
disk must be mounted and dpkg -i'ed.  Looks kludgey when I am extoling the
virtues of Debian.

> Do you think it's worth it either (a) trying to solve this for slink,
> or (b) trying to get actual semi-functioning potato boot-floppies
> together.  I lean towards the latter...

For me, slink is all i can depend on until potato is released.  So yes, I would
like to have the new pcmcia rolled into a slink revision.  They work, you just
have to compile them on a slink box.  Which joeyh and myself have in this cube.

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