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Working on boot-floppies (fwd)


I've just sent this mail to the people who have told me in their
new-maintainer application that they wanted to work on dbootstrap.



I'm writing to you becaus you have told me in your new-maintainer
application that you wanted to work on boot-floppies for Debian.  For
some reason I haven't seen you pop up at the boot-floppies team and
*do* the work you have promised.

Personally I cannot accept this and want to know why you it is
different what you're doing than what you were announcing to the
new-maintainer team.  Our boot-floppies are very important and need a
lot of work.

The main problem that I see with boot-floppies not being worked on is
that this package is essential for us.  It is full of bugs and needs a
lot of improvements.  At the moment it seems that only one to three
people are working on it.  This will hold on any planned release.

Another issue that has being worked on is QA in order to make the
installation more smooth and easy.  E.g. packages asking if their
daemons shall be stopped and started in postinst scripts, asking for
URLs while guessing is correct most of the time etc.

Please explain why you haven't worked on boot-floppies yet and tell me
if you plan to change this.  Please subscribe to debian-boot if you
want to work on this issue.




Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct,
not tried it.  -- Donald E. Knuth

Please always Cc to me when replying to me on the lists.

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