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Re: non-i386 arch mice?

Ben Pfaff wrote:
>    Having a serial mouse on a Mac is the only sane thing to do. However, a
>    normal _Mac_ user won't ever figure out how to wire the proper adapter
>    so the Mac is probably safe. Some Atari users do use serial mice though.
>    I don't know too much about Amiga ...
> Mmm, okay, I guess we'll burn that bridge when we cross it, to mix a
> metaphor.

Won't happen anytime soon I hope. 

>    I'd say it's most common on Atari. Another thing I forgot to ask: how much
>    faster than the current interface is the graphical boot-floppies GUI going
>    to be? 2.1 is an improvement compared with 1.3, but it's still damn slow
>    on any 030 machine.
> Why would it be any faster or slower than the non-graphical
> boot-floppies?  It's based on the same back-end code, it's just the
> interface code that's changing.  I don't have any non-i386 boxes so I
> don't know about speed on them.  All I can say is that installing
> Linux on an actual 386 is really slow too.

4 BogoMIPS, whatever that means. I'm not expecting the actual
base install to slow down (or speed up) but the UI. The 386 might be a
good approximation; if it's tolerable on a 386 and runs in 5 MB RAM, it
be OK for m68k.


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