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Re: non-i386 arch mice?

Michael Schmitz <MSchmitz@lbl.gov> writes:

   Oh, *that* part is easy.  If you can open /dev/psaux then there is a
   ps/2 mouse.  The kernel takes care of the device detection for you.

   Not so for m68k (haven't tried on Atari or Amiga, but definitely
   not on Mac).  The kernel only detects the mouse interface and has
   no way of knowing if there's a mouse attached.

But there's only one possible port for a mouse, right?  You wouldn't
have a serial mouse on a system with an ADB port, I hope?  At least,
not a *normal* user--I can see some hardware hacker doing that.

   Anyway, it's pretty safe to assume that a Mac doesn't have an
   Amiga- or Atari mouse interface, and vice versa. And VMEbus
   machines don't have any mice.  So just read the first line from
   /proc/hardware to determine the subarch and go with that
   information for the busmouse device, and maybe probe the serial
   lines for serial mice.

I don't really want to have to deal with multiple mice per machine.
Is it really that common to have a serial mouse on a machine with an
Amiga, Atari, or ADB mouse interface?

Thanks for the info, BTW.

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