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Re: changes in dbootstrap i18n (was Re: Hard newlines in dbootstrap messages)

On Sat, Mar 20, 1999 at 08:31:30PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Ok -- I've made a branch for slink, called
> 'adam-boot-floppies_2-1_branch'.  It means that it's the 2.1
> maintenance branch, i.e., the version for slink.  To move to the
> branch, do:
>   cd boot-floppies (or whatever, to be in the root of the boot-floppies CVS area)
>   cvs update -r adam-boot-floppies_2-1_branch
> Or, if checking out from scratch:
>   cvs co -r adam-boot-floppies_2-1_branch boot-floppies
> I'll make my documentation changes in the branch and merge them into
> the trunk every now and then.

I'm going to commit my changes in the trunk. As I've said in other
message, I've renamed the utilities/dinstall directory to
utilities/dbootstrap . I guess that will mean some work for you to update
your working directories, but I think it's better to do that now that we
are just starting to work on potato boot-floppies.

Enrique Zanardi					   ezanardi@ull.es

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