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Re: New blend creation (debian-astro)

Hi Iain,

"Iain R. Learmonth" <irl@debian.org> writes:
> On Tue, Nov 03, 2015 at 03:16:33PM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
>> Integration into the blends website, not sure how this works:
>> http://blends.debian.org/
> The front bits of the blends website here will be going away, this is now
> integrated into the main debian website. The task sentinels still run here
> though, the git repo needs to be in the right place. Start by requesting
> access to the debian-blends Alioth group. There is no reason the repository
> in the blends project can't be a mirror of your existing repository.

The git repo is moved to /git/blends/projects, and I am already member
of the blends alioth group.

> If you give me a link to a wiki page, I can add your blend to this page. I'd
> rather not add in any more blends websites here just yet as I'm still making
> the framework more friendly for the translators.

I just created/updated a first Debian Astro Blends wiki page:


(Andreas will probably see that the content was largely shamelessly
stolen from the DebianMed wiki page with s/Med/Astro/ ;-)

However: the current "empty" page http://blends.debian.org/astro/
already has some links to tasks, bugs, and statistics, and its template
looks more inviting to attract people, so that I am not sure where to

> As this would be a new blend, I'll only create testing images up until the
> release of stretch, at which point if the blend is stable and usable in a
> live environment and the installer works without issues then there would be
> a release of your blend.

This would be nice.

Best regards


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