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Re: Would like review of what seems to be a blend forming for the cloud

Quoting Tyler Riddle (2014-04-14 21:06:38)
[frustrations snipped]

> I think the cloud team does want the output of the work to be 
> integrated into Debian as a whole.

> I may be wrong but it seems like the cloud team is working to produce 
> what would be a pure blend though not realize it.

Sounds great.  Their aim is what counts - They need not know how others 
(this team) label it.  That said, when discussing and comparing with 
other similar works, I dearly recommend to use the terms we've defined!

> To be honest I didn't know a blend team existed until I went to find 
> another community inside Debian that might be able to assist.

Debian is too big to easily have an overview of all that happens in it.  
(I suspect only one person - Paul Wise - has a fair overview).

It seems you talk about the cloud team as "them".  If you dislike what a 
team does, then your best option is to get involved in that team and 
help improve matters.

> This really did look like it would be the best place to start because 
> of the total overlap.

I disagree: This team is not an authority but an interest group - teams 
that knows what they want need not consult us at all.

> 1) How does the blend team handle naming and labeling of the products?

We don't.  This team is not an authority.

> 1a) can you point me at policies regarding this topic? I haven't been 
> able to find any and debian-policy didn't seem to be the right list 
> either

Seems you are looking for policies for _Debian_ (which applies to Debian 
Pure Blends too, as by definition they are fully within Debian).

I don't think there is any policy on what not-fully-Debian compilations 
(i.e. Debian derivatives - including Debian Blends) are permitted to 
call themselves, but instead it is discussed case-by-case, with the 
latest case being that of a Debian-multimedia website.

If you want to try use force (which I *don't* recommend!!) then I guess 
your options are to raise the issue on debian-devel@l.d.o or contact 

I dearly recommend you to instead get involved in the cloud team (to the 
point where you don't mentally refer to the team as "them" but "us") and 
help improve the already great work done there.

> 2) What status is typical for a blend to exist in? How much 
> experimentation exists? Do blends follow the testing and release cycle 
> like the larger project?

That varies wildly - from vaporware to perfection.

> 3) Does it sound like Debian Cloud would be an appropriate pure blend 
> if the work conformed to Debian policies?

Uhm, please read again our definition of the term, and tell me if you 
have trouble understanding any part of it.

We are not an authority.  I can have personal opinions (and I do), but 
my opinions have no power over the works of others.

> I'll relay this information to the cloud team to help them gauge how 
> they work they are performing falls into scope of the Debian project 
> as a whole.

I am confident the cloud team knows well already what Debian is.  Seems 
you seek to apply "parenting" on the cloud team - Debian doesn't work 
like that.


 - Jonas

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