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Re: Would like review of what seems to be a blend forming for the cloud

Hi Tyler,

Quoting Tyler Riddle (2014-04-14 18:45:16)
> It seems that what the members of the [cloud] team are doing is 
> creating a blend for the cloud [i.e.] what looks to be Debian/Wheezy 
> but under the hood contains surprises and being experimented on (from 
> the user perspective).

A Debian Blend is a Debian derivative that aims to become a pure subset 
of Debian (i.e. a Debian Pure Blend).  More info on definitions here: 

By that definition, it seems your concern is that the cloud team does 
_not_ produce a Debian Blend, but rather a (non-Blend) derivative.

Maybe they agree with that, or maybe they indeed feel that their changes 
are small tweaks necessary for their use cases.

Here in the Blends team we care strongly about the definition of those 
terms, but do not dictate how or how much a Blend can derive: A Debian 
Pure Blend is governed by rules, policies and guidelines of Debian 
itself, but a Debian Blend is, like any other derivative, external to 
Debian and therefore not (yet) governed by Debian.

Hope that helps in your discussions with the cloud team.

 - Jonas

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