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Re: blends install preseeding?

kOn Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 1:44 AM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

> What I might do instead is give up on firmware-linux and for more more
> specific firmware check if any was used during install (e.g. using
> firmware-* netboot image or feeding firmware udebs from a separate USB
> stick) and if so install correspondent firmware packages (without
> asking).

Pretty sure the wheezy installer already implements this.
Unfortunately for jessie the Linux kernel mechanisms that allowed this
have gone away so this feature is broken (#725714).
 approach taken by DebianParl.

> Your approach seem *too* generic for my taste (and possibly the reason
> bug#730162 was rejected): I don't want *all* apt-install installation
> flagged as auto-installed (and then partly reverted by fixating another
> way).  I only want supposedly auto-installed packages flagged as such.
> What I mean by "supposedly?"  Possibly all non-leaf packages, but pretty
> certain it includes all libraries and base packages.

There are several conflated issues but I think:

Packages installed by d-i should be marked as auto-installed.

Packages selected by the user manually should be marked as manually installed.

Packages selected by the preseed options for installing packages
should be marked as automatically installed.

Packages specifically installed by d-i or preseeding should not be
autoremovable or there should at least be an option for this.

> Another related but inverse issue, now that we are talking about it, is
> that of recommended packages "missed": libuuid1 recommends uuid-runtime,
> and bash recommends bash-completion, neither of which are installed by
> default.  You already filed a bugreport for that one too, Paul?

If you have recommends enabled these will be installed by default I
think. I haven't filed any bugs about this.



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