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blends install preseeding?

Hi all,

I noticed on the wiki that the DebianParl blend is working on install
preseeding. I think this is a particularly interesting approach that
might be interesting for more blends to adopt.


One thing I noticed is that the firmware-linux package is non-free and
thus should probably not be installed by default without user consent.

Looking at your preseed/late_command, I noticed that you did something I
wanted to do, marking packages as auto-installed. I filed #730162 and
#739938 about this issue. It appears there is a clear need for this
feature since now a blend is doing it. I wonder where the fix belongs,
perhaps in debootstrap?

To work around lack of this feature in d-i we are using this hack right
now for our installs at work. It is more generic but more hacky than the
approach taken by DebianParl.

d-i preseed/early_command string \
 sed -i '/exit 0/i\     mkdir -p /var/lib/apt-install' /bin/apt-install ;\
 sed -i '/exit 0/i\     echo $packages >> /var/lib/apt-install/log' /bin/apt-install

d-i preseed/late_command string \
 (echo 'APT { NeverAutoRemove { ' ; chroot /target sed 's/ /\xA/g' < /var/lib/apt-install/log | sort -u | sed '/popularity-contest/d;/installation-report/d;/^[[:space:]]*$/d;s/^\(.*\)$/	"^\1$";/' ; echo '}; };') > /target/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01autoremove-installer;\
 chroot /target apt-mark showmanual | chroot /target xargs apt-mark auto;\



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