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Re: blends install preseeding?

[Jonas Smedegaard]
>> One thing I noticed is that the firmware-linux package is non-free and 
>> thus should probably not be installed by default without user consent.
> Better would be a debconf dialogue asking if the user would like to 
> include the formware-linux package - with "No thanks" as default.  That 
> would however involve injection of more code into the debian-installer 
> session than can fit in a preseeding file, I suspect.  I'd love to learn 
> that I am wrong and it can already be handled by debian-installer - I 
> would also be interested in helping implement it, but I have too much on 
> my plate already currently :-/
> What I might do instead is give up on firmware-linux and for more more 
> specific firmware check if any was used during install (e.g. using 
> firmware-* netboot image or feeding firmware udebs from a separate USB 
> stick) and if so install correspondent firmware packages (without 
> asking).

A while back, before wheezy, I improved the support for firmware in
hw-detect to look for firmware packages in a /firmware/ directory on
the CD and on the partition on the same device as the ISO is located.
The latter allow one to create USB sticks with the ISO and add a
partition with non-free firmware.

If firmware is needed (kernel reports this to udev) and the firmware
file needed is found in any of the debs found, the deb is installed.
If the deb ask for confirmation (like the firmware-ipw2x00 Package),
this question is presented to the user.

I suspect hw-detect is the correct location to improve firmware
handling even more.  A natural step would be to provide the apt-file
data fragment needed to figure out which package to download for an
APT repository, and ask if this should be done.  See
<URL: https://bugs.debian.org/655507 > for details and a draft.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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