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Re: blends install preseeding?

Quoting Paul Wise (2014-03-03 16:31:06)
> I noticed on the wiki that the DebianParl blend is working on install 
> preseeding. I think this is a particularly interesting approach that 
> might be interesting for more blends to adopt.
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianParl#Profiles
> https://parl.debian.net/desktop/email/

Thanks for taking an interest in DebianParl - even before I've made much 
fuzz about it myself.

I have now updated those preseeding profiles to reference their source:


> One thing I noticed is that the firmware-linux package is non-free and 
> thus should probably not be installed by default without user consent.

Better would be a debconf dialogue asking if the user would like to 
include the formware-linux package - with "No thanks" as default.  That 
would however involve injection of more code into the debian-installer 
session than can fit in a preseeding file, I suspect.  I'd love to learn 
that I am wrong and it can already be handled by debian-installer - I 
would also be interested in helping implement it, but I have too much on 
my plate already currently :-/

What I might do instead is give up on firmware-linux and for more more 
specific firmware check if any was used during install (e.g. using 
firmware-* netboot image or feeding firmware udebs from a separate USB 
stick) and if so install correspondent firmware packages (without 

> Looking at your preseed/late_command, I noticed that you did something 
> I wanted to do, marking packages as auto-installed. I filed #730162 
> and #739938 about this issue. It appears there is a clear need for 
> this feature since now a blend is doing it. I wonder where the fix 
> belongs, perhaps in debootstrap?

Ohh - you did something I wanted to do: File appropriate bugreports!

My plan is that each tweak has a bugreports tracking its obliteration.  
You just eased my initiating that plan: Bugreports now added to source.

> To work around lack of this feature in d-i we are using this hack 
> right now for our installs at work. It is more generic but more hacky 
> than the approach taken by DebianParl.

Your approach seem *too* generic for my taste (and possibly the reason 
bug#730162 was rejected): I don't want *all* apt-install installation 
flagged as auto-installed (and then partly reverted by fixating another 
way).  I only want supposedly auto-installed packages flagged as such.

What I mean by "supposedly?"  Possibly all non-leaf packages, but pretty 
certain it includes all libraries and base packages.

Another related but inverse issue, now that we are talking about it, is 
that of recommended packages "missed": libuuid1 recommends uuid-runtime, 
and bash recommends bash-completion, neither of which are installed by 
default.  You already filed a bugreport for that one too, Paul?

...and the bash skeleton supports the root user but custom files are 
installed instead.  I intend to work around that e.g. in DebianParl, so 
expect a bugreport on that when I get around to it (if someone haven't 
beaten me to it).

 - Jonas

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