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Re: Thermometer not updating

Hi Bas,

On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 03:13:36PM +0200, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> Glad I can help. I live by the motto that if you want something done you
> have to do it yourself, or at least take the initiative as far as
> possible if you can't do it all. In the end it's just scratching an inch
> and sharing the scratcher. :)

Sounds like you are no newcomer in the Free Software world.  IMHO this
is some logical conclusion if you lived some time in this world.

> > May be some additional check / warning inside the tasks file parser
> > might make sense to avoid such mistakes.
> Maybe add a Blends tasks model to Config::Model so you can just cme
> check/fix the task file?

I never dived into Config::Model but I'm using it for d/control and
d/copyright files.  I'd regard it a pretty cool idea to avoid syntax
mistakes.  If you have some idea how to do this I'm all for it.

> > Another thing about your thermometer patch:  It is only for the Debian
> > GIS thermometer - the Ubuntu GIS thermometer does not contain the
> > package in new.
> I'm not sure if the Debian NEW queue is of much interest for Ubuntu, it
> won't be synced before it hits unstable. For Debian it's nice to see in
> which part of Debian each version lives.

That's a correct argument.  However, in this case we should exclude the
item from the legend.

> For the Ubuntu thermometer it's more useful to have an overview of the
> versions available in the Ubuntu GIS PPA. Those are packages from the
> current state of the Debian GIS VCS and not the synced packages from
> Debian unstable.
> But I need to write a gatherer to get the Packages from the PPA first.
> Also I'm not sure if the UDD folks would like that many extra binary
> packages in the database. I've have to evaluate the amount of new data
> it will introduce.

I have no idea about the amount of data but usually UDD is open for
Ubuntu stuff.  I also think that for the Blends topic it makes quite
some sense to have some transparent view into PPAs.  There is so much
stuff in which is pretty interesting for Blends (because people not yet
understood the Blends concept).  We could profit by this information to
contact maintainers of PPA packages.

This would also come somehow right in time because I plan to rewrite the
tasks pages to completely rely on UDD content exclusively.  Currently
The tasks files are parsed directly (because tasks pages existed long
before the content of the tasks files was importet into UDD).  The
little finger exercise was a nice proof that there are a lot of
advantages in this approach.  Once we would even have PPA content we
could include this straight into the tasks pages.

Kind regards and thanks for your inspiring comments



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