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Re: Thermometer not updating

On 10/17/2013 09:49 PM, Andreas Tille wrote:
>> It's not so much that I was looking for a NEW column, the package is not
>> listed on the thermometer at all, eventhough there its has VCS and WNPP
>> info. It's listed on the tasks pages just fine.
> Yes, taht's what I mean.  There is a table new_packages which is queried
> for the tasks pages but not for the thermometer.  I have just not seen
> any need to respect this - but it is no big problem to implement it.
>> I'll get back to you when I have a patch.
> :-)

I've chosen to include a NEW column in the thermometer after all. And
gave it its own color (medium purple), that doesn't conflict with the
other color usages.

There is a change to for the blends website, which I've already pushed
to git.debian.org:

 blends/website: Also include packages in NEW in the thermometer.


And another changes for UDD to not consider packages in NEW as
prospective. As I'm not a member of collab-qa and cannot push the
change, it currently lives in my person git repo:


>>> I do not think so.  I'm just reimporting blends-metadata checking
>>> explicitly for freexl - no idea why this was missing.
>> I'll try to reproduce the issue locally.
> Having a local UDD copy comes quite handy if you work with the Blends
> framework. 

Indeed it does. And it's fortunately not as large as some of the GIS and
OSM databases.

I haven't looked into FreeXL yet, for now I only have the NEW packages

Kind Regards,


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