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Re: Debian Games Blend

Hello Ben,


> I don't even know where "make a live image for the blend" sits on your
> list of priorities right now. However, as with the live-games-image.git
> project, I continue to be interested in assisting the games team as a
> "live images specialist" to assist in any way that I can to accomplish
> whatever goals you might have in this department. That interest is not
> so much in making the actual selection of games to go into it or even
> doing the debtagging work, but more helping translate your
> specifications for live images into a working, maintainable
> configuration that could be used to build one or more images for
> whatever purposes you imagine.

again many thanks for your support here. As i have already told you on
irc, making a live image for Debian Games is definitely something i
would like to see accomplished in the future and i'm confident this can
be achieved by combining the blend's approach with your work on live
images for games.

For now i'm going to focus on getting familiar with blends and creating
different tasks for games. That should keep me busy for a while. After
that i'll get back to you.



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