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Debian Games Blend

Hello Andreas, hi folks

as i already mentioned in my private e-mail to you, i intend to maintain
the blend information for games in Debian.

First of all it seems i will need commit access to the svn repository
and i would be glad if you could invite me to the Blends team. My user
name on alioth is apo-guest. You have also suggested in [1] that you
intend to switch to git repositories in the future. If one is already
available, i'd prefer this one over svn.

I had some time to think about your 6 points [1] and the discussion
about how beneficial debtags could be in the process of maintaining
blends information.

I see debtags more as a source of meta data which can provide
fine-grained information not only about game categories, which are the
foundation for task files at the moment, but also about the language a
game is implemented in, the ui-toolkit, what hardware is required to
play it or what kind of age rating applies to a certain game. I can
imagine there are users who just want to install all python games or
only want to play games with joystick support.

I know that Miriam Ruiz had the excellent idea to create debtags for
"parental advisory" but i don't know the current status of this project.
So instead of just having information about game categories, you could
also create all other kind of tasks with data that is already provided
by debtags.

I know there is a GSoC project ongoing at the moment that deals with
some of these issues and i am eagerly interested in its outcome. I will
start by using some of the debtags tools [2] to query the necessary
information for games and build task files with them and see how it
goes. So far



[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-games/2013/03/msg00023.html
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/Debtags

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